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Ways to Reduce Mobile Development Cost

By mobile development we understand developing software for a wide variety of mobile devices, such as enterprise digital assistants, personal digital assistants, or mobile phones. The cost of this process varies a lot depending on the functionality of the mobile development. Therefore, there is a need to develop a methodology to reduce the mobile app development cost. Here are some tips for building a mobile app with reduced cost.


Outsourcing the project
The cost of building your own team can escalate quickly, especially if you do not have an experienced CTO in your team. You can avoid this by working with an outsourced team, which can save you up to 70% of the development cost. Ask for references, portfolio and make sure you know the background of the team members that will work on your project.


Build a cross-platform development
The developer can reduce the expenditure of mobile development by 30-40-% by adopting cross-platform app development. Some developers develop two different apps for Android and iOS and pay for two apps. But by building a cross-platform application the developer can cut down the cost of development.


Reduce nice to have features
Everyone wants the perfect project, but the road to the moon is bumpy. You can’t have the perfect product on your first release, and trying to achieve this will skyrocket your development cost. The lifecycle of the product is long, and the features will refine in time, based on user and market feedback.
First focus on an MVP (minimum viable product) and test the market. Make sure your idea has paying customers. Then, based on user feedback, implement all those little features that you cut down during the development of the MVP.


Agile project management
Agile methodology in mobile development provides fast development and budget control. When there is a large project for mobile development, the developer can break down the project into small developmental cycles. Smaller steps are easier to manage for developers. This methodology speeds up the development.

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